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Fools Luck


Fools Luck is an all age fairytale book following Ada, a girl on an adventure to find her purpose in life. It is a coming of age story about whether luck is necessary in order for a person to succeed, or whether you can shape your future through hard work and determination alone.

Readers are encouraged to participate in completing puzzles alongside Ada within the book. Since the puzzles have no answer key, one could attempt to solve a puzzle and still get it wrong. This reflects the notion that even if you work hard, sometimes it won't be fruitful.


The book also focuses on the theme of finding a place where you belong. It emphasizes how luck and determination can play into understanding oneself, while under the constant pressure of those around you.

Books are written, designed and fully illustrated by me, they are also self published and are available for purchase as softcover and digital pdf in my shop.

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